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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Christmas Letter

Frequent Jabber AJ Hayes makes use of the epistolary form in his take on Flash Jab Challenge #8.

(Photo (c) Kim Britt Photography 2011)

A Christmas Letter
by AJ Hayes

My Dear Mrs. Hathaway,

Your letter touched me deeply and, because I agreed with you on what Christmas present would be the dearest to you, I went looking. I have quite a few more avenues of investigation open to me than the police and they paid off. If you will look upstairs you will find your daughter sleeping safely in her bed. She will have no memory of my visit of course.

I found her in an old house on the edge of town. I also found her abductor.

I'm sorry that I had to leave Katie's lovely shoes on the porch of that old house. After my reindeer got through with the kidnapper, they were just too messy to bring home.

S. Claus
Dec. 24th, 2011.


  1. Santa Noir! I love that the jolly old man has a bunch of vigilante reindeer, too.

  2. Dear Mr Claus,

    I thank you for the safe return of my beloved Katie. It is true what they say, 'you know when folks have been bad or good'. No one should ever get in your way for heaven's sake!

    Katie had a fuzzy awareness upon wakening of a big man who meant business but in a jolly way. She wanted to thankyou and baked this batch of chocolate chip cookies, left out the glass of milk in our good Fred Flinstone jar glass. The recording passed down from my grandmother of my favorite of her tunes is for you. I think she'd like to know we were looked after by someone who meant business, Come Rain or Come Shine.

    With overwhelming gratitude to you
    and your merry band of reindeer

    Franny Holliday,
    Dec. 25th, 2011

  3. Ahh AJ.. you softie... Excellent..xx

  4. Greta blend of dark and credible. Your use of an old style reneders this historical Bill.

  5. Santa the superhero. I want a sequel.

  6. Sequel! Yes Santa, Sequel!

    I've been very, very good this year.
    ~ A*K

  7. What a wonderful premise. Santa the vigilante with murderous reindeer. Blacker than a coal miners pocket and yet very uplifting. I loved it.

  8. {{The Graham man got points there for "blacker than a cola miner's pocket" < He was practically metaphoring as the Brazill!}}

  9. Heartwarming. Enjoying imagining the kidnapper being trampled to a pulp. Nice touch with the messy shoes.