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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Flash Jab Challenge


All right! 
Time to write!
It's the September Flash Jab Challenge!

Here are the requirements:

1) Stories must be based on the above picture taken by the fabulous Ms. Brittany LaMeau.(She should not appear in your story. I'm just giving her props for the pic.)
2) Maximum 750 words
3) Due date September 30, 2015
4) Email to jacktheauthor@gmail.com (Please do not post story in comments.)
5) Flash Jab reserves the right to refuse a story for ethical, moral, and religious reasons. These don't have to be cozy but there are limitations to what I'll run.
6) Minor editing may be done before posting.
7) There is no prize. This is writing for the sake of writing. Readers may comment.

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